A SANTA LIVED AS A DEVIL AT NASA! Create an easy peasy Palindrome for December, win terrific books for free!

imagesTo avoid boredom, win a free book, and fulfill my birthday request, please ponder coming up with a palindrome for December. If created by anyone younger than 18, they get to select two books. All it needs to have is one word: math (aside from Elba, but we all know able/Elba). Now here’s a tip: consider words with “ight”: fight, light, sight, might. Then just add some words around as needed. (See rules, they cannot be identical to mine.)

Night am…. math gin

fit sight am ….math gist if

sat fight am…math gift as

You can search “palindrome” on my regular blog for past winners, and some on this blog too.

Thanx, Mayo

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6 thoughts on “A SANTA LIVED AS A DEVIL AT NASA! Create an easy peasy Palindrome for December, win terrific books for free!

  1. Dammit I’m mad not to have had any palindrome winners in months after a slew in a row.
    (The first 3 words are yet another palindrome.)

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