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“Science: It’s a Sexy Thing” (7-18-12)

from Science: Its a Girl Thing

“Science: It’s a Sexy Thing”

(I had this kvetch on “draft” since 6/27/12, but then we lost electricity and I didn’t bother posting it.  It strikes me as even more outrageous than when I first saw it!)

This comically absurd music video, “Science: It’s a Girl Thing” is understandably evoking outrage and/or guffaws. Scantily clad girls and women are Continue reading

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Particle Physics is Bad Science?

I suppose this is somewhat of a joke from the ISBA, prompted by Dennis Lindley–right?– but as I accord the actual degree of jokiness to be only ~33%, I’m raising it on my Msc Kvetching page.  Lindley (according to O’Hagan) wonders why scientists require so high a level of statistical significance before claiming to have evidence of a Higgs boson.  It is asked: “Are the particle physics community completely wedded to frequentist analysis?  If so, has anyone tried to explain what bad  science that is?”
Bad science?   I’d really like to understand what these representatives from the ISBA would recommend, if there is even a shred of seriousness here (or is Lindley just peeved that significance levels are getting so much press in connection with so important a discovery in particle physics?)
Well, read the letter and see what you think. Continue reading

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7-3-12 The ‘Derecho’ and the SCOTUS decision?

 Is there a connection between the ‘Derecho’ and the SCOTUS decision?

This, from “The People’s Cube

Comrades, it has been a scary weekend, without electricity, and hunkered down in our basement here in the suburbs of DC, first as a mighty storm made our 3 floors compound rattle as if there was an earthquake with a shock-&-awe light-sound show that made Tom Cruise’s “War Of The Worlds” movie epic merely a kiddy show, and then as the threat of looting has turned me, a card carrying member of the Communist Party, into a de facto virtual member of the NRA (my mothballed Makarov is still in perfect working order…). After all, I am more equal than others, and I can’t share my stuff with DC looters. Continue reading

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