7-3-12 The ‘Derecho’ and the SCOTUS decision?

 Is there a connection between the ‘Derecho’ and the SCOTUS decision?

This, from “The People’s Cube

Comrades, it has been a scary weekend, without electricity, and hunkered down in our basement here in the suburbs of DC, first as a mighty storm made our 3 floors compound rattle as if there was an earthquake with a shock-&-awe light-sound show that made Tom Cruise’s “War Of The Worlds” movie epic merely a kiddy show, and then as the threat of looting has turned me, a card carrying member of the Communist Party, into a de facto virtual member of the NRA (my mothballed Makarov is still in perfect working order…). After all, I am more equal than others, and I can’t share my stuff with DC looters.

If things don’t get restored soon, the results of this storm will become our Paяty Dэaя Lэadэя’s KATRINA moment.

Then as the heat and the fear settled in, I realized that the unforecasted LAND HURRICANE that hit us, named in Spanish, a ‘DERECHO’, could be a supernatural omen of things to come. DERECHO means RIGHT in Spanish. Could it be that God, if He exists, is a Right Winger??? This DERECHO came only 36 hours after SCOTUS declared OBAMACAЯЭ Constitutional. Can it be that God deployed His DERECHO as a sign of His rejection of OBAMACAЯЭ??? I mean, this DERECHO caught us just at the moment we were beginning to celebrate SCOTUS OBAMACAЯЭ DECISION; this was supposed to be one wild Vodka enriched weekend party to celebrate not the July 4th, but the end of the Laissez-Faire American Experiment and the Rise of the new USSA (United SOCIALIST States of America).

Ahg, Comrades, just as I felt snug about my Atheism, and sympathetic towards Islam’s Socialist Allah, I find myself trembling in my boots with the realization that the Dэaя Lэadэя can’t prevent the DERECHO from coming back, and that God could be as dead set against Socialism as that senile monster Ronald Reagan was.

Please, give me a word of hope that the Dэaя Lэadэя will restore electricity to us today, and that hэ will not let the DERECHO come back! Please, comfort me that God does not exist and that He is not against Socialism. I need encouragement now in my darkest hour.

Yours truly, and very much in fear, Jibby Trotsky.

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