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7-3-12 The ‘Derecho’ and the SCOTUS decision?

 Is there a connection between the ‘Derecho’ and the SCOTUS decision?

This, from “The People’s Cube

Comrades, it has been a scary weekend, without electricity, and hunkered down in our basement here in the suburbs of DC, first as a mighty storm made our 3 floors compound rattle as if there was an earthquake with a shock-&-awe light-sound show that made Tom Cruise’s “War Of The Worlds” movie epic merely a kiddy show, and then as the threat of looting has turned me, a card carrying member of the Communist Party, into a de facto virtual member of the NRA (my mothballed Makarov is still in perfect working order…). After all, I am more equal than others, and I can’t share my stuff with DC looters. Continue reading

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