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MetaBlog: Elba grease recipe

Dear Reader:

The new blog still has a number of unfinished elements; key words and some photos from blogspot are still making their way over here (given all the boxes we received, I’m surprised they’re not all here).  You can always go back to to look something up.

I will continue with the philo of statistics agenda, but intersperse with lighter topics that arise.  Now that there are more than a few posts, I think we must group those on philo of stat each month so that they are by themselves.  I spoze “PhilStock” should be its own page.  (Of course what everyone is talking about is the Facebook IPO and whether it will do as well or badly as a bunch of other related IPOs: Zynga, Groupon, Linked-In, Renren.  I never use Facebook, so I haven’t a clue (comment if you have thoughts). ) Continue reading

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