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Irksome phrases 3-19-12

Dear Reader: As soon as I saw this list, immediately, several of my own picks for (current) “annoying phrases” popped into my mind, but I have no interest in sharing them on a Reader’s Digest Facebook page ; so here they are, following the 10 given by Reader’s Digest.  Share yours, if you wish.

Reader’s Digest List of Most Annoying Phrases:

1. At the end of the day

2. Fairly unique

3. I personally

4. At this moment in time

5. With all due respect

6. Absolutely

7. It’s a nightmare

8. Shouldn’t of

9. 24-7

10. It’s not rocket science

Mayo’s (from most irksome to quite annoying)

1. Gotcha (when said repeatedly to mean, “I understand”)

2. Don’t worry about it.

3. We sure don’t.

4. (It’s a) no brainer.

5. Tell me about it.

6. No problem.

7. Running on all cylinders.

8. I hear you.

9. That’s just me.

10. Welcome to my world.

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