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Probability Poetry

I am reminded it is Friday, having just gotten a Skype call from friends back at Elbar; so here’s another little contest.  Each of the following statisticians provided useful help on drafts of papers I was writing in response to (Bayesian) critics.  One of them, to my surprise, attached the following poem to his remarks:

A toast is due to one who slays
Misguided followers of Bayes,
And in their heart strikes fear and terror,
With probabilities of error!

Without looking this up, guess the author:

1)   I.J. Good
2)   George Barnard
3)   Erich Lehmann
4)   Oscar Kempthorne

The first correct guess will receive an amusing picture from “the whaler” sent from Elbar.

(Note:  The author wanted me to note that this poem was to be taken in a jocular vein. )

Song Corresponding to Poem

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