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PhilStock Blog: “Year of the Yo Yo” (Jan 19, 2012)

A couple of months ago I was about to start an “other blog” (as Google calls it), this one on philosophical reflections on the stock market (PhilStock), but as I cannot even keep up one blog, I wisely discarded that idea after a single post (on high speed trading).  So if I dip into that area on this blog, I will warn readers with the “Phil Stock Blog” tag[i].  First and last rule on PhilStock: Never listen to anything I say about the stock market.

 It’s a bizarre kind of comfort to see that stock analysts are much less inclined to tout their skills ever since the crash (of 08-09), admitting that, at least with today’s crazy market, performance is more “the result of luck rather than skill”.  Take the Financial Page of the latest New Yorker (“Year of the Yo-Yo”, Jan. 16, 2010): Continue reading
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