Meta-MetaBlog: Goedel’s Blog (G) (a little puzzle)

Dear Reader:

I was scanning the blogosphere late one night last week, amazed at the humongous number of blogs, each blog listing other blogs on their blogrolls; and upon searching items in the blogroll, one is led to still other blogs, with yet more blogs listed on blogrolls* with little repetition.  It is pretty overwhelming.  Do people manage to read this stuff?  I mean, the current blog is a niche audience, but most of the others I saw  pretty much review the same current events (with slightly different spins): Romney, Superbowl, Facebook IPO, Planned Parenthood, too much snow in UK, Shieldcroc.  One blog included on its blogroll list a blog named “There’s At least One Blog That Nobody Reads,” which I obviously didn’t read.

Studying the blogrolls I noticed that occasionally, perhaps in error, a blog would actually list itself in its own blogroll.  Those self-referring blogs were rare though (not that my search was exhaustive, though it was exhausting.)

Always on the look-out for just such a phenomenon (if only to show students it can really happen), I immediately got the idea to start a blog, call it Goedel’s Blog (G), that would list, on its blogroll, all blogs that do not list themselves on their blogrolls (say as of a fixed date).  Any blog that does mention itself on its Continue reading

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