Winner of the December 2013 palindrome book contest

fxxnmzg-1WINNER: Zachary David
Ableton Live: ya procedure plaid, yo. Oy, dial Peru decor. Pay evil, not Elba.

Zachery notes: “Ableton Live is a popular DJ software all the hipster kids use.”

MINIMUM REQUIREMENT**: A palindrome that includes Elba plus procedure.

BIO: Zachary David is a quantitative software developer at a Chicago-based proprietary trading firm and a student at Northwestern University. He infrequently blogs at

BOOK SELECTION: “I’d love to get Error and Inference* off of my wish list and onto my desk.”

EDITOR: It’s yours!

STATEMENT: “Finally, after years of living in Wicker Park, my knowledge of hipsters has found its way into poetry and paid out in prizes. I would like to give a special thank you to professor Mayo for being very welcoming to this first time palindromist. I will definitely participate again… I enjoyed the mental work out. Perhaps the competition will pick up in the future.”

*Full title of book choice:

Error and Inference: Recent Exchanges on Experimental Reasoning, Reliability and the Objectivity and Rationality of Science (by D. G. Mayo and A. Spanos, eds.,CUP 2010), 

Note: The word for January 2014 is “optimal” (plus Elba). See January palindrome page.

Congratulations Zachary!

**Nor can it repeat or be close to one that Mayo posts. Joint submissions are permitted (1 book); no age requirements. Professional palindromists not permitted to enter. Note: The rules became much easier starting May 2013, because no one was winning, or even severely trying. The requirements had been Elba + two selected words, rather than only one. I hope we can go back to the more severe requirements once people get astute at palindromes—it will increase your verbal IQ, improve mental muscles, and win you free books. (The book selection changes slightly each month).


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