Msc kvetch: X-rays

Why are we still being subjected to full-body X-ray scanners in the U.S. whenEurope has (just) banned them? And why do I seem to be the only “female opt out” (at least in my line of people at several airports)? (This should be parked on my kvetch page.)

Full body X-ray scans may save travelers the trouble of being frisked, but the European Union has decided to ban the machines due to safety concerns.

The controversial machines show a complete image of a person’s body, but their purpose is to reveal hidden explosives and weapons at security checkpoints. Experts’ biggest fear is that these machines may emit high levels of cancer-causing radiation.

The European Commission blocked new trials for the device due to safety concerns, but Manchester Airport was allowed to continue to use the $130,000 machines for another year as part of a trial.

Machester Airport workers were hoping that the EC would approve permanent user of the machines, especially after they declared that the machines pose close to a zero risk in May.

However the European airport never got the go-ahead. The European Commission’s chiefs didn’t give approval for the machines to be used permanently after a three year trial.

Now the airport will have to replace the full body X-ray scanners with “privacy -friendly” scanners which will cost the airport over $2 million and 55 extra security workers.


While the machines have been scrapped from Europe, the United States continues to use them. The devices, which were added in 2010, are used in at least 68 airports across the country.

The Transportation Security Administration started to add these scanners after a man tried to blow up a Detroit-bound plane in 2009 with a bomb that he had in his underwear. TSA tests show that the machines don’t emit harmful levels of radiation, yet some passengers still opt for full-body pat downs instead of passing through the machines due to a fear of their potential effects.

Research suggests that despite how low the radiation is, hundreds of passengers may get cancer just because there are so many scanners in the U.S. Last year, there were 250 machines in U.S. airports and research suggested that 100 people could get cancer because of them. Airports have added 600 new machines this year.

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2 thoughts on “Msc kvetch: X-rays

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  2. The Government needs to take urgent and devisice action to ensure that incidents of this kind are not repeated. There needs to be a lawful system of training and conduct that is applied consistently across all airports, rather than the current haphazard and rushed approach which is already showing its flaws. I may be overly scared for nothing but would people change their minds if the bomb would have been successful(the one to Detroit)? I mean, I would also feel uncomfortable knowing someone could basically see every bit of me but the man with the bomb attached to him went through an airport undetected and if these scanners were there that wouldn’t have happened! It is a hard thing to say because I do agree that many people would not like it and many people would probably stop air travel. It is just a question of how far are we willing to go for safety measures? If it wasn’t for the bomb attempt in December I would definitely say that this is a breach of privacy but that situation proved that the security of airports is not perfect and this may be the best way to reach complete safety. I would definitely say that the people working and watching the scanner should have extensive training and obviously background checks to make sure that they are reliable and trustworthy of the job.

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