Overheard on the Ogosphere

 In response to Christian Robert’s remark that the journal name Rationality,Markets and Morals (RMM)  is “a rather weird combination, esp. for a journal name!” (in his Jan. 21, 2012 post on Senn’s article in that same journal), a RMM journal editor Max Albert responds:

Max Albert Says: January22, 2012 at 4:08 pm

Dear xi’an,

I am a bit surprised that you consider “Rationality, markets and morals” as a “rather weird combination”. It is a classical combination of topics in economics and philosophy. And it seems to me that just now all the world is talking and writing about it.

Of course, we very much appreciate the fact that you have looked at our special issue (or special topic, as we call it, since we have no issues). Reading, in addition, some of our other papers may convince you that our journal title makes sense.

Best wishes

Max Albert

xi’an Says: January22, 2012 at 5:52 pm

Sorry for the pun: for me, markets, rationality, and morals (understood as the French translation into morale) do not seem to get together very well, esp. in the current times! This being said, I appreciate this special topic and do not mean in any way that the journal does not make sense! Again, sorry for the pun…

I guess Robert’s point is that he finds current markets irrational, and that it has gotten his morale down, so I take it Robert didn’t have any shares of AAPL after hours (1/24)!  Tant pis (I think it is).  DAL surging past $10 today (a PhilStockcall) is greatly raising my morale!

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