Can anybody advise about the relative merits of WordPress versus Google blogspot for blogging?  The Elbians worked to transfer this entire blog to WordPress which I take it is superior and might avoid a lot of the out-of-control fonts on this blog, but whenever I go over to that blog I have misgivings because, among other things, it’s always asking me to pay to avoid annoyances like ads, which never even came up as an issue on blogspot.  Moreover, as soon as I paid for one upgrade (just to explore it), 6 other choices of things to buy came up which made me very nervous, since it might mean having to understand what in the world they are selling (and I don’t).  So I just ran away.  The decision about switching remains in limbo.  It’s not paying that I mind in the least, it’s being confronted with a lot of confusing decisions that I’m worried about. I haven’t paid for anything on blogspot, and the informality is appealing, perhaps because it makes the whole thing less official, and lets me feel that I am free to escape from all this at any time.  I’d be grateful for advice and recommendations; I can’t ask the blogsfolk to keep up the shadow blog indefinitely, while I decide.  Maybe there’s yet a third blogging platform….

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